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Calculation of carbon footprint

The Carbon footprint is the quantification of the GHG emitted during the life cycle of a product, service or specific activity, expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

The calculation of the Carbon Footprint is a product which gives added value to the Energy Efficiency line. The emissions from processes, fuel consumption, energy, reagents, production and waste management, etc., may be taken into account depending on the scope of the calculation.

The services offered by SUEZ Advanced Solutions include:

  • Data collection and analysis of the organisation/facility’s activity
  • Drafting of standardised reports on the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in accordance with that established by GHG protocol
  • Technical assistance in external audits.

Since 2014 we have also offered support to register with the National Register of carbon footprint, carbon offsetting and carbon dioxide absorption projects, in accordance with that established by international standards.

Calculation of carbon footprint


The calculation of the carbon footprint is an exercise which provides added value to the Energy Efficiency line.

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Aguas de Murcia was set up in 1989 as a mixed company belonging to Murcia’s town council (51%) and Hidrogea (49%) to guarantee effective management of the integral water cycle.

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