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Set of solutions to improve facility energy efficiency

By applying our experience in different fields we are able to carry out projects to improve Energy Efficiency in different sectors.

Once the need for improvement has been identified, a study is undertaken and the project is drafted. Afterwards the paperwork is dealt with and finally the work is executed, or in such cases, some of these stages are dealt with independently.

Should the client so wish, the actions to improve Energy Efficiency are carried out, financing them from the savings obtained on the energy bill. The following activity lines are included under the Energy Efficiency Projects umbrella:

  • Corrective actions in facilities: Production of technical studies on equipment replacement or improvement.
  • AFP System®: False bottom equipment for open filters in water treatment plants.
  • High efficiency boilers: Hot water for heating and air conditioning production systems are designed and implemented.
  • Lighting projects: Deal with both the drafting and implementation of lighting systems improvement projects.
  • Indirect solutions for Energy Efficiency: Under this solution are included products that improve the processes of water management.
  • Ventilation system management: Study and improvement of energy efficiency of ventilation systems.