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AFP System

Energy consumption from the ventilation processes can represent between 40 % and 80 % of the total energy cost of a water treatment plant.

Inadequate maintenance and failure to detect and resolve anomalies in the ventilation system rapidly results in an increase in energy costs. The filtration systems normally used nowadays in water treatment plants (WWTP/DWTP) consist in sheets of concrete with uniformly separated openings. Nozzles can be inserted into these openings, and their grilles act as a filter to the water which passes through them and allows the air to be released, in such a way that filtering material and water are separated.

The nozzles break relatively frequently and should be replaced with new filtering elements, with the consequent interruption of the filtration process and the losses of the filter bed due to lack of adjustment of the concrete sheets.

SUEZ Advanced Solutions from its Energy Management department offers an effective solution to these problems. The AFP System® is a piece of equipment which consists in a false bottom for open filters in water treatment plants, capable of solving these problems at the same time as having a positive effect on energy cost.

AFP System


Energy consumption from the ventilation processes, including the filter process, can represent between 40 % and 80 % of the total energy cost of a water treatment plant.

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In the DWTP Can Sans (Sant Celoni) a filter system was proposed which was made up of two open filters operating by gravity on a constant level, water-air backwashing, with inferior…

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