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Optimisation of energy costs, a factor for the competitiveness of businesses

Energy is of great importance in the development of society. Its use permits the automation of production, which increases productivity and improves the living conditions of people.
Given the importance of this resource and the cost that it can represent for production activities, it is necessary to establish measures which not only allow its responsible use but which also offer the possibility of obtaining the best possible purchase prices.

Uncertainty concerning the technologies that will produce electricity, the influence of political/regulatory decisions and operating restrictions, among others, provide the markets with energy price volatility which makes them unpredictable.

The success of the negotiation depends on other aspects as important as the €/kWh, such as flexibility to decide on purchasing times, volume commitments and billing conditions.

The exhaustive knowledge of the AEC professionals on the energy market and its advanced technological systems make the company an innovative firm in the sphere of energy consulting, these two capacities being the company’s differential value.
The value we bring to customers is in optimising the acquisition price of the energy they are currently being supplied with, by improving the price per kWh ratio and by linking our service’s remuneration to the actual reduction in prices, resulting in no additional costs or risks for the customer.

  • Specialist energy purchasing consulting: advice on strategy definition in the purchase and/or sale of energy, and in contract negotiation with energy suppliers.

  • Contract negotiation: Advice on contract negotiation with suppliers.

  • Contract management: ongoing monitoring of market trends and the status of the customer’s portfolio of energy contracts.

  • Monitoring systems: a range of systems allowing for monitoring of installations’ energy consumption.