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The permanent contact with the energy markets and with the main energy companies allows us to advise customers on strategy definition and fundamental risk management principles in relation to the purchase and sale of energy, taking into account the characteristics of their business, their needs and their risk policy.

We provide services supporting the process prior to energy contracting, including training the energy purchasing and management teams, and the auditing and analysis of current contracts, all with the aim of establishing the purchase strategy aligned with the customer’s needs and consumption profile.

  • Purchasing team training: advice on training modules for energy purchasing and management teams, with the goal of providing the knowhow necessary to manage the company’s energy and any potential alternatives for cutting the price paid per MWh.

  • Contract analysis audit: the mission here is to obtain and provide an integral analysis of contractual information as a first step towards understanding the customer’s individual qualities and requirements, and to ascertain the best option for acquiring its energy package on the market.

  • Strategic purchasing consulting: establishing, together with the customer, how the latter will acquire its energy on the market, defining its strategy and core principles for managing risk in the purchase and/or sale of energy, taking into account the nature of its business, its needs and its risk policy.


                    - Ascertaining the impact of the cost of energy on its budgets.
                    - Establishing its risk profile.
                    - Strategy definition. 



Electricity is a significant and growing cost in companies. Furthermore, the electricity sector is complex and an increasing amount of knowledge is needed in order to manage it well.

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Aqualogy’s Energy Efficiency Management team was chosen to undertake the Integral Energy Management of the Arena sports complex. (Alicante).

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