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Renewable energy charging station

The renewable energy charging station is a citizen interaction tool that use alternative energy to charge electronics devices, obtaining the electrical supply harnessing the potential available in the environment to generate electrical energy 100% clean.

The system is composed by a standard base to charge electronic devices, a customized top header and the power supply can be hydraulic, solar photovoltaic or from the electrical network.

Each one of the charge support has three recharge terminals compatibles with the main connection types of mobil phones, representing a citizen service to charge electronic devices out their houses, and offering a free WIFI connection, giving the possibility to access to different services (Public transport information, Medical Appointment, etc) through to a 12’’ screen, suitable to webs access, reproduction of any contents or specific apps.

It is a versatile and customizable solution, that contributes to improve the corporative image of the entities who install it and promotes the public environmental awareness and sensitization by a sustanaible urban development and efficient use of the resources.

Renewable energy charging station


The renewable mobile device charging station, the Smart City Charging Station, provides a focus point for increasing citizen awareness about the need for efficient use of resources.

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