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Where we are

Made up of a multidisciplinary team of more than 30 people we have 2 main head offices, in Murcia and Barcelona, as well as another 3 smaller offices in Alicante, Valladolid and Torremolinos.

Different national and international projects are carried out by Energy Management department of SUEZ Advanced Solutions. These include conventional energy projects, energy management or implementation of improvement measures, as well as specific applications created in-house such as those focused on the renewable sphere where, aside from the normal market solutions, we offer specific solutions for hydraulic energy generation differentiating us from what is available on the market.

At European level energy audits have been carried out in the facilities of different companies in Spain, the United Kingdom and France. For our American clients we have carried out work and training among which we can highlight the audits carried out in Brazil, the hydraulic studies for the installation of renewables in the United States or training courses on energy efficiency given in Chile. We have also carried out studies for the installation of pico-turbines in Algeria.