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Irrigation Union Groups

The agricultural industry is a big consumer of water, and as such, it is very important to implement efficient and sustainable measures.

One of the main problems of current agriculture is the low sale prices of production. This obliges producers to look for significant cost reduction so that land holdings can continue to be feasible.

An improvement in energy performance of installations is an important factor to be taken into account when reducing costs of agricultural holdings. The saving and energy efficiency of these places are tied to the factors which affect water consumption.

Thanks to our wide experience with a proven track record of more than fifteen years working in the water and agricultural sector, focussed on Irrigation Union Groups, farming associations and even directly with hydrographical confederations, SUEZ Advanced Solutions proposes tailor-made solutions through its different products and technologies. These solutions are further supported by knowledge in the energy sector from the Energy Management department and of a sector as complex as that of agriculture.